Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
(Also known as… “Stuff we get asked a lot”)

(last updated 12/31/2017)


A quick note before we get started. This page is intended to answer some of the questions we get asked a lot (Be it in public, online, or by friends and family) in a fun, lighthearted manner. We’ll update things as we go, and will work to answer questions as honestly as we can. Have a question that isn’t listed here? Why not head over to our Facebook or Twitter accounts and ask us?  


What are your hours?

Our normal hours are 4:30pm-10pm Monday through Thursday, 4:30pm-Midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Phone Number?

(313) 914-4187

Are you hiring/Can I come work for you?

We aren’t hiring at this time. We are fully staffed in the tap room.  Come meet our bartenders – Jessica, Joe and Heather, they will take great care of you.  When open positions come up we will post them to our “Jobs at Dearborn Brewing” And also announce them on our Facebook and Twitter accounts as well.


Will you have food?

We have a small snack menu consisting of hot dogs, stadium nachos, chips and salsa and pretzels and cheese.  We also allow “outside” food, so stop by your favorite restaurant and grab take out and come on in.


How many beers will you have?

We have 10 beers on tap. We envision having 3 or 4 that are “standard, always on tap” beers and then 2 or 3 that rotate in and out as seasonal beers, specialty brews, and then the occasional prototype of something new. Things like that. Which ones will be the standards? We haven’t decided. We’re going to let our customers decide and we get a feel for what everyone likes to drink.


What types of beers?

This can be found on our “What’s on Tap” page.

Why does it take you a while to answer online questions or emails sometimes?

That’s because in addition to working on/in the brewery, we’re both still working full time jobs during the day. So sometimes it takes us a while to be able to respond. (We have some help now so we believe it’s gotten better)

Thanks for reading!